Ocean Park Plans

UPDATE: On June 14th, I visited the Seven Seas website and they have taken down the photos posted here. After I posted this blog and put up the previous photos (now taken down) by Seven Seas, PCSD seemed surprised as to the extent of the construction. This means they gave a permit without seeing the actual plans!

If Seven Seas Properties are to build...they should post what they actually are going to build. And it should get public approval. BETTER STILL. Rescind all permits and keep the zoning to Turtle and Binunsalian bays as protected MARINE SANCTUARIES. It was zoned for a reason...to protect the delicate marine biodiversity in this bay.

Below is a copy of the SEP Permit, notice there is no name in the area where the proponent is supposed to sign and where the signature is supposed to have s written name above the signature, there is none, and there is no date, and yet it was notarized anyway. ALSO ONLY TWO PAGES WERE GIVEN OUT. WHERE ARE THE MISSING 3 PAGES WHICH ARE PART OF THIS PUBLIC DOCUMENT. ONLY THE FIRST AND LAST PAGES WERE GIVEN OUT. Hotel Centro is listed as proponent in a joint venture with this Ocean Park.

I suggest boycotting Hotel Centro and emailing  customercare@hotelcentro.ph them your discontent and encourage them to back out of this ridiculous plan. It will ruin the delicate ecosystem in these bays.

PCSD SAID THAT DENR-EMB-MIMAROPA is in the process of issuing the FINAL permits. I suggest emailing them to rescind all permits and keep the zoning to Turtle and Binunsalian bays as protected marine sanctuaries. Keeping in line with DENR to preserve all marine biodiverity.


ONLY BINUNSALIAN BAY IS MENTIONED...but Turtle bay is a separate area than it...so nothing should be built on Turtle bay.


Why do we need a fake park, when Turtle bay is beautiful as it is, rife with native species and life.  http://sevenseasproperties.com/properties/puerto-princesa/

Let's just say, the didn't actually get PERMITS to the extent they used show on their website before they took it down, this is at least FALSE ADVERTISING.

Aviary Hotel
A bird paradise themed accommodation featuring a bird enclosure where you get the chance to see and feed brahminy kites in the comfort of your room's balcony.
(Seriously! Let people feed captive raptors from their balconies? Is this even legal?)
A birder friend of mine has never seen a Braminy kite in the mangroves or Palawan. Now we need to import non native species, when there are plenty wild natives flying free for dedicated birders.
Aviary Section
Meet formidable coastal raptors called Brahminy Kites and feed them by hand as they glide near you. Take a leisurely stroll in the Lorie Canopy Walk and let friendly lories rest on your shoulders while feeding. (Please notice the netted birds!)

Oceanarium Villas
"Surrounded with azure crystal waters, these deluxe accommodations make a truly vibrant island feel to your vacation."

Actually the water in Kamia/Turtle bay is brackish and silty. It is NEVER clear, as much sediment from the mangroves is constantly being churned up.

Shark Villas
A two level elegant room with lagoon views on the upper floor and a breathtaking underwater view on the lower floor."
(The bay is NOT deep enough for this, it will require deep dredging to create rooms like this in Turtle bay!!!!)

Hillside Villas
Have a scenic view on top with hillside detached villas fronting the bay.

Mangrove Hotel
Bask in exceptional views of the sea and mangrove forests in this opulent set of rooms (In order to put these in, mangroves have to be removed to make room for the Mangrove Hotel and villas!!)

Mangrove Villas
Elegant rooms on stilts provide a perfect holiday charm to your stay.

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