Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Update on Seven Seas Properties Ocean Park

Oct. 9, 2016

I was lucky enough to get an appointment with current DENR chief, Secretary Gina Lopez. She listened to my plight about Turtle Bay and was made aware of the otters and other issues with the Ocean Park.

Present were Sec. Lopez, myself (Diana Limjoco), Atty. Adele Villeno of PSCD, DENR Atty. Leo Jasereno, and Dir. Mundita Lim of DENR.

Atty. Jasereno verified that Seven Seas Properties' ECC permit has expired but that they have applied for an extension but DENR, Manila has not yet approved the renewel. In spite of this, Seven Seas has begun to construct the engineers house and have told workers they plan to build the Ocean Park in December.

Recently 80 Barangay residents have come forth and signed a form saying that they were not given a vote on the Ocean Park. That the meeting they attended required an attendance signature, but those signatures were used as their approval without their knowledge. This has been turned over to the local PENRO.

My petition against the Ocean Park has received, as of this writing, 10,309 signatures. Which we hope Sec. Lopez will review and realize that more people than not do not want this delicate bay to be ruined by a greedy developer.

LtoR: Alysha, Diana J. Limjoco, Sec. Gina Lopez
Atty. Adelle Villega, DENR Dir. Mundita Lim,
DENR Atty. Leo Jasereno

Explaining the consequences of the Ocean Park in Turtle Bay
to Sec. Gina Lopez and DENR Atty. Leo Jasereno.
Sec. Lopez has asked Dir. Mundita Lim to work with me to come up with a more sustainable eco Tourism answer for the bay, and one that will help the residents with livelihood.

Please sign my petition to help keep Turtle bay as natural as possible for future generations to enjoy. The otters of the bay thank you as well.

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